Blue Harvest

Blue Harvest is an Australian specialist seafood sales and marketing agency. We work with the best domestic and international seafood producers to consolidate supply, sell and market premium quality seafood products to major Australian seafood retailers and wholesalers.

About Blue Harvest


Blue Harvest offers targeted services to quality producers of seafood across Australia to achieve market access, brand recognition, continuous improvement in quality and long term sustainability for their business.

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Blue Harvest works closely with some of the largest wholesalers and corporate retailers of seafood in Australia to provide full product solutions across a range of seafood categories.

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Our Strengths

With core expertise in aquaculture and business development, our team has had hands on experience along the seafood supply chain including seafood production, seafood processing, quality management, distribution, sales and marketing, seafood retail and food service, and as such we bring a wide array of skills and industry knowledge to the seafood clients and customers we represent.

Our Standards

We maintain the highest quality and sustainability standards to provide the best possible seafood products to wholesalers and retailers.


We focus on providing complete transparency in communications between our seafood producer clients, customers and our team. We support this by utilising a cloud based data management system that clients and customers can access remotely at any time to monitor their sales figures and order status.

Our Services

Blue Harvest provides seafood producers with targeted, efficient sales and marketing services tailored to maximise sales and brand position of their product within the dynamic domestic Australian seafood market and, where applicable, the international seafood market.

Why Blue Harvest?

Our Product

Blue Harvest represents Australian farmers and producers of the finest quality seafood products including prawns, mussels, oysters, pipis, lobster, crab and finfish.

Our Clients

Blue Harvest is proud to work with some of Australia’s best seafood producers to deliver premium quality products to major Australian seafood retailers and wholesales. For more information on each of our clients please click on their logo below.

Latest News

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Making Some Noise: Crystal Bay Prawns

Australia's favourite banana prawn has been flying high recently with Crystal Bay Prawns being featured in a "Food Thinkers' video with high profile chef David Rebeccato from Aqua Dining on International Jetstar flights throughout June / July. (VIEW) xxx Delivering the message: 'Prawn Farming - The Way of the Future'; ABC1's Surfing the Menu also recently starred Crystal Bay Prawns, with the boys from the show netting their own prawns from the farm at Seafarm before cooking them up in a fantastic dish. (VIEW) xxx For all Crystal Bay Prawn lovers you can now follow your favourite prawns on Facebook and You Tube: xxx Crystal Bay Facebook Page “Australia’s Favourite Prawns” xxx Crystal Bay YouTube Channel “All About Prawns”

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Behind the scenes with Tropical Finfish

In 1999 Dr. Richard Knuckey joined an ambitious project to diversify aquaculture and protect the coral reefs. The unique proposal found favour within the Queensland Government who awarded funding and launched the tropical finfish project. Over the next 15 years the team would go on to achieve their goal of pioneering innovative aquaculture techniques and create a world-class tropical finfish hatchery. Continued below...

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Product of the Month: Gold Coast Tiger Prawns farm expansion!

Not exactly a product, but the biggest news coming out of a cold June is the successful application of GCMA to expand their Mossman farm by 21 hectares. The Mossman farm, located next to Port Douglas in Far North Queensland is a major supplier of fresh tiger prawns to the market from November to January. xxx These new ponds, along with an expansion to the processing facilities will come online for Christmas 2017, and help bolster supply at this critical time. xxx With supply of premium farmed Australian tiger prawns so limited at the moment, it is exciting to see farm expansion occurring.

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Blue Harvest Update: A New Way to Grade, Clyde River Oysters

What do you do when the traditional systems of oyster grading no longer apply?

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