Blue Harvest

Product of the Month: Baby Gold Spotted Rock Cod (Epinephelus coioides) – also known as “Hamour” or “Orange Spotted Grouper”

With their lightly coloured skin and distinct “golden” spots, these wonderful new additions to the Tropical Finfish family have a wide appeal. Grown alongside the Giant Grouper at the farm in Cairns, supply will be focussed in the 400g to 1kg range. Harvesting will begin in late October, and the steady growth rate of this fish is set to support consistent supply for the foreseeable future.


The pearly-translucent flesh of this beautiful fish is prized for its clean taste, robust texture and versatility. Known as Hamour in the middle East, it is one of, if not the region’s most popular fish, making up one out of every two fish orders in restaurants across the UAE.


Their distinct colouring and availability as a plate size fish are also positives in Asian markets where the fish are also highly sought after.


We are excited by this opportunity and hope to grow a significant, sustainable market for this locally grown fish moving forward.