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Behind the scenes with Bidgee Fresh

Bidgee Fresh is a progressive aquaculture company formed by the innovative partnership of Mat and Bonnie Ryan and Roger and George Commins. Located in the beautiful NSW Riverina, the company produces high quality Murray Cod in the clear waters of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation system.
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Behind the scenes with Tropical Finfish

In 1999 Dr. Richard Knuckey joined an ambitious project to diversify aquaculture and protect the coral reefs. The unique proposal found favour within the Queensland Government who awarded funding and launched the tropical finfish project. Over the next 15 years the team would go on to achieve their goal of pioneering innovative aquaculture techniques and create a world-class tropical finfish hatchery. Continued below...

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What’s New? Bidgee Fresh Murray Cod

Grown in Griffith NSW, these are truly premium, pond reared Murray Cod. They have a golden colour and beautiful white flesh. xxx The fish are available whole, chilled in 1-2kg and 2kg plus size ranges. xxx Supply is currently limited, however the team behind these beautiful Murray Cod have exciting plans for the future, and aim to bring a lot more volume onto the market over the coming years. xxx If you are looking for the very best Murray Cod let us know.

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A Case Study with Blue Harvest: Tropical Finfish Enterprise Target Market Workshop

Hi, Blue Harvest friends. We often get asked what it is that we do, how do we add value? A great way to answer this would be to share the outcomes of a recent workshop we hosted for a new client of ours. You’ll see the challenges we faced, the solutions we came up with, and results we achieved. If you have any questions, comments, or inquiries, please feel free to get in touch. 

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