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Supply Update – What’s Fresh?

Seafarms are currently harvesting fresh Crystal Bay banana prawns, and will continue through to October. Continued below…

Making Some Noise: Crystal Bay Prawns

Australia's favourite banana prawn has been flying high recently with Crystal Bay Prawns being featured in a "Food Thinkers' video with high profile chef David Rebeccato from Aqua Dining on International Jetstar flights throughout June / July. (VIEW) xxx Delivering the message: 'Prawn Farming - The Way of the Future'; ABC1's Surfing the Menu also recently starred Crystal Bay Prawns, with the boys from the show netting their own prawns from the farm at Seafarm before cooking them up in a fantastic dish. (VIEW) xxx For all Crystal Bay Prawn lovers you can now follow your favourite prawns on Facebook and You Tube: xxx Crystal Bay Facebook Page “Australia’s Favourite Prawns” xxx Crystal Bay YouTube Channel “All About Prawns”

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Product of the Month: Gold Coast Tiger Prawns farm expansion!

Not exactly a product, but the biggest news coming out of a cold June is the successful application of GCMA to expand their Mossman farm by 21 hectares. The Mossman farm, located next to Port Douglas in Far North Queensland is a major supplier of fresh tiger prawns to the market from November to January. xxx These new ponds, along with an expansion to the processing facilities will come online for Christmas 2017, and help bolster supply at this critical time. xxx With supply of premium farmed Australian tiger prawns so limited at the moment, it is exciting to see farm expansion occurring.

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Supply Update – What’s Frozen?

Brazilian lobster tails are in stock and available from sizes 6oz right through to 20oz. We will not have any 4oz tails until the arrival of new season stock – which is historically late August/early September. xxx Sashimi grade raw Crystal Bay prawns are back in stock, along with small quantities of freshly frozen cooked 21-30/lb and 16-20/lb in 3kg cartons. xxx Our frozen cooked Australian Tiger prawns from all farms are fully allocated. New season king crab is not due until November 2016.

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