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White Spot Syndrome Virus in Prawns

In November 2016, in what is potentially a devastating turn for the Australian Prawn Farming industry, White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) was discovered on a prawn farm on the Logan River, QLD. Until then, Australia had been the only prawn growing region in the world free from WSSV.xxxThere is no food safety risk or risk to human health from WSSV, however the disease is highly lethal and contagious for prawns, killing them quickly once it takes hold.xxxxThere are currently no available treatments for WSSV but prawn producers in Asia and the Americas have successfully implemented production management strategies to reduce the impact of the disease on their farms.xxxxThe Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Biosecurity division is presently working with stakeholders to implement emergency response plans to limit the impact of the WSSV outbreak.xxxMedia updates are being released as soon as developments occur. For more information please visit:xxxx

Image courtesy of DAF, QLD

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Sydney Rock versus Pacific Oysters – Size Comparison

It is a common misconception that Pacific Oysters are much larger in size than Sydney Rock Oysters. It is true that Pacific Oysters grow faster and can reach impressive sizes such as Grande (400g+), however when comparing the standard size grades of Pacific and Sydney Rock Oysters, the size difference is actually quite minimal. The chart below shows the average sizes within the standard size grades for both species and shows that Sydney Rock Oysters really do measure up where it counts.

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What’s New? Grading standards for Sydney Rock Oysters

Rock Oysters are a brilliant product, loved by true Oyster connoisseurs for their local, artisanal production and sweet regional flavours. The challenge the industry faces with growing consumption of these beautiful oysters however come not from the product, but rather the inconsistencies created in supply and quality that inevitably come from over 60 companies all doing it differently. Continued below... 

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Supply Update – What’s Frozen?

We currently have Brazilian lobster tails ranging in sizes from 6oz right through to 20oz in stock and available to order.xxxWe have more 4oz tails from the new season on the water which will arrive during October.xxxNew season king crab is not due until November 2016.xxxAll of our frozen prawns are fully allocated – if you have a special request please contact your Business Development Manager and we will see what we can do.

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