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Blue Harvest acts as an agent between seafood producer clients and the market. Blue Harvest is paid a commission by our seafood producer clients, which is based on the invoiced sale, and ranges between 2 to 5% + GST, depending on the value of the seafood product being sold.


The sales process is transparent between the producer and the primary customer; in fact, we encourage direct communication between our seafood producer clients and the seafood market. 

To ensure 100% visibility and effective updates, Blue Harvest provides its seafood producer clients with access to real-time, detailed sales reports and dashboards via a Blue Harvest customer portal.

Integrity is a core value and uncompromised component of Blue Harvest. Under the Blue Harvest seafood sales and marketing structure, we continuously look for ways to exceed customer expectations without taking shortcuts, and believe that seafood product value is developed over time through honest and reliable industry practices.



Our Sales and Marketing Capabilities

Our People
Blue Harvest is comprised of a team of eight people based in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, with core expertise in aquaculture and business development the team has hands-on experience in seafood production, seafood processing, quality management, distribution, sales and marketing, seafood retail and food service.

Our Producer Client Portfolio
The Blue Harvest seafood sales and marketing structure means we can cross-sell seafood products within our portfolio of premium seafood producers when communicating with primary or secondary markets. This system increases exposure for our seafood producer clients, and provides a broader range of quality seafood options to our retail and wholesale seafood customers.

Our Trade Customer Relationships
Blue Harvest has direct working relationships with major seafood retailers including Coles, Woolworths, Metcash and Costco, as well as most other major Australian seafood wholesalers and food distributors.

Our Systems
Our seafood producer clients are supported by Salesforce; a customised cloud-based sales and customer relationship management platform to streamline communication and account data transfer. By using a cloud based system, we can access vital information rapidly and from any location. This innovative tool facilitates sales and product management, pricing, inventory, email and SMS communication, reporting, collateral storage, online solutions and conversation capabilities.

Each producer client is given a Salesforce portal to access their real time sales, marketing and reporting updates. This is a core component to what Blue Harvest does, because it allows for transparent and seamless communication despite varied industry schedules.


QA and Sustainability Management and Consulting

Blue Harvest is committed to working with our producer clients to ensure a top quality, safe and sustainably sourced product for our customers. To achieve this, our dedicated Quality Assurance and Sustainability Manager works to ensure the highest product standards are achieved for Blue Harvest clients and customers.

Our team on the ground attends to urgent quality cases in person where possible so that product can be inspected and corrective action implemented. We manage and track quality cases through our cloud based customer service management platform to ensure rapid communication of issues between the producer client, the trade customer and the Blue Harvest team. Blue Harvest also offers a range of fee for service QA and sustainability management provisions that clients may require.


Accounts Receivable

In addition to seafood product sales, Blue Harvest offers an accounts receivable service for our producer clients for an additional fee of 10% of their commission rate. For example, if the sales commission is 3%, we will charge an additional fee of 0.3% to manage their accounts receivables.

The advantage to our producer clients of Blue Harvest managing their accounts receivable is that we can utilise the strength of our portfolio to drive prompt payment and we are on the ground to manage payment issues in person, if required. It is also a cost effective and efficient manner of reducing the to-and-fro of accounts handling such as freight invoicing and commission billing, as we can fully streamline this process.

Overseas Market Representation

Blue Harvest can offer solutions for overseas seafood producers looking to tap into the Australian and New Zealand seafood markets.

We can offer tailored sales and marketing strategies for producers of premium seafood that want to deal direct with Blue Harvest. We can work with you to access the major seafood retailers and wholesalers by utilising our extensive industry knowledge and customer network across the Australian and New Zealand seafood market.

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