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Blue Harvest works with the only farm in Australia that produces Queensland Giant Grouper. This iconic reef fish is being farmed commercially in Far North Queensland and we are proud to be able to offer this unique product to our customers Australia wide…


Queensland Giant Grouper


Giant Grouper is protected in Australia but this reef-dwelling giant is now being farmed sustainably by Far North Queensland aquaculture company Tropical Finfish. The flesh is white and flakes beautifully and it is a perfect fish for steaming or pan-frying. This fish is the hottest product to hit Australian seafood markets this year and is appearing on high-end restaurants around the country.

Queensland Giant Grouper

In cities like Hong Kong, a single  wild caught Giant Grouper can fetch thousands of dollars on the market. Thanks to the innovations of Finfish Australia, this species can now be farmed sustainably right here in Australia, leaving the wild stocks to grow and delight future generations that will get to see these magnificent fish in their natural environment.


For more detailed information about our finfish products, you can download the Blue Harvest Brand Catalogue (pdf) below.

Download Blue Harvest Brand Catalogue

Our Finfish Producers

Blue Harvest works with quality producers of finfish to deliver premium quality products to major Australian seafood retailers and wholesales.

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