Blue Harvest


Blue Harvest is one of the largest marketers of locally farmed prawns in Australia, with sales of more than 2,500 tonnes per annum. We are able to provide customers with a full category solution for their whole cooked and raw prawn requirements…

Crystal Bay Prawns


Farmed for over 30 years in the pristine waters of Far North Queensland, the internationally recognised and multiple award winning Crystal Bay Prawn brand by Seafarm has become so well known in the marketplace that people often think that the Crystal Bay prawn is a species!

Tru Blu Tiger Prawns

Australia’s first farmed prawns, Tru Blu Tiger Prawns have been delighting Australians since 1984. The third generation family owned and run farm produces a boutique, premium quality, crisp, delicious Tiger Prawn that is second to none.

Gold Coast Tiger Prawns

Gold Coast Tiger Prawns are unsurpassed in their quality and reputation in the marketplace. Winners of 22 Gold Medals, 7 Champion ribbons and 2 Presidents Medal Royal Easter Show nominations it is no surprise that these prawns are a favourite of Australian prawn lovers.


For more detailed information about our prawn products, you can download the Blue Harvest Brand Catalogue (pdf) below.

Download Blue Harvest Brand Catalogue

Our Prawns Producers

Blue Harvest works with quality producers of prawns to deliver premium quality products to major Australian seafood retailers and wholesales.

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Supply Update – What’s Fresh?

PRAWNSWe have a good supply of fresh cooked 21-30/lb and 16-20/lb Crystal Bay Banana prawns now through until late August. The prawns are growing well and have hit harvestable size ahead of expectations. Crystal Bay banana prawn Point of Sale promotional kits are now available for customers to distribute – please ask us for these. xxxx Fresh cooked Crystal Bay Tigers have finished now with production expected to resume around October. xxxx Preparation for Tiger Prawn stocking for Christmas is currently underway at Seafarm and Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture Mossman sites. xxxx Continue below for oysters, shellfish and finfish...

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Supply Update – What’s Frozen?

PRAWNS – AVAILABLE NOW – 2017 season Australian Coral Coast Mariculture frozen raw tiger prawns in 10-15/lb and 16-20/lb grades. xxxx 2017 season Australian Crystal Bay frozen cooked banana prawns in 16-20/lb, 21-30/lb and 31-40/lb grades and also Crystal Bay frozen cooked tiger prawns in 31-40/lb. xxxx All other frozen prawns are currently allocated or being produced for allocations. xxxx LOBSTER AND CRAB New season Lobster Tails will become available again from late August / September - look out for updates on arrival. xxxx New season King Crab is anticipated to arrive into Australia in October / November. xxxx PIPIS We can freeze Goolwa pipis to order. Please contact us if you require stock.

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Supply Update – What’s Frozen?

Brazilian lobster tails stocks are running low. New season product will not be available until August 2017 at the earliest. If you require stock before August let us know asap. xxxx We are out of stock on cooked King Crab clusters however there is some raw stock remaining. New season King Crab will become available again in November 2017. xxxx Frozen prawn stock is very limited however we do have some stock available in differing grades, forms and species and would suggest you contact us for more information. xxxx We can freeze Goolwa pipis to order. Please contact us if you require frozen pipis.

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