Blue Harvest

What’s New? Grading standards for Sydney Rock Oysters

Rock Oysters are a brilliant product, loved by true Oyster connoisseurs for their local, artisanal production and sweet regional flavours. The challenge the industry faces with growing consumption of these beautiful oysters however come not from the product, but rather the inconsistencies created in supply and quality that inevitably come from over 60 companies all doing it differently. Continued below…


Blue Harvest recently started working with a collective of approximately 15 farms – and the first action we all took was to define and develop a quality standard that could be referenced with their customers to allow the farms to deliver an understood and consistent quality level.

Whilst this is not a new concept, the standard has been warmly received by many, and can hopefully grow to be adopted more broadly by industry from farmers, processors, retailers and restaurants and result in continuous improvement in the consistency of Rock Oyster quality for all.

Next steps on the journey are achieving consistent bags sizes, and tags that are colour coded by grade and include a brief overview of each grower in order to help our customers streamline their oyster operations.

Download Blue Harvest Sydney Rock Oyster Grading and Condition Standard