Blue Harvest

Wild Oceans

Wild Oceans is a WA based leading seafood import, export and distribution company. Delivering the highest quality product from around the world, Wild Oceans has partnered with Blue Harvest to represent their crab and lobster products on the East Coast of Australia.

Antarctic King Crab Fishing Vessels

Colourful Antarctic King Crab fishing vessels in Chile moored in the calm waters of port before they head out into the wild seas of the southern ocean.

Antarctic King Crab Waters by air

Where the mountains meet the sea – the stunning geography of the Southern Chilean coast where the Antarctic King Crab fishing grounds begin.

Cooked Antarctic King Crab Clusters

Processing of the Antarctic King Crab takes place in state of the art Snowland processing factories on the Chilean mainland. These cooked King Crab clusters are being size graded.

Wild Oceans

Wild Oceans, are dedicated to delivering the highest quality seafood products to consumers worldwide through the development of strong relationships with their fishers, processing teams and buyers.

The team exclusively represents some of the best known brands in the market supplying not only Australia but also the greater international market. They regularly travel to remote parts of the world to oversee seafood production operations to ensure that they meet Wild Oceans exceptionally high standards. By working closely with their partners they ensure that from ocean to table, the seafood they deliver has been produced and handled using globally recognised best practice methods.

The premium Wild Oceans products marketed by Blue Harvest include Antarctic King Crab, Florida Lobster and Brazilian Lobster