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Blue Harvest works with the Pipi producers of South Australia’s Goolwa region to deliver over 150T of Pipis to our customers each year with demand growing for this exciting and fully sustainable product. For your Pipi needs we are please to be able to offer…


Plump, sweet and nutty, Goolwa PipiCo Pipis are collected from the Coorong National Park. The sparkling clear waters and churning surf gives them their delicate flavour and delicious texture.

Pipi Fishing

Goolwa PipiCo sustainably hand harvested pipis are sourced from one of the worlds most responsibly managed fisheries. A truly sustainable resource for Australias’ seafood future, pipis are harvested with bare feet, rakes and brawn all year round – one tough gig!


For more detailed information about our pipi products, you can download the Blue Harvest Brand Catalogue (pdf) below.

Download Blue Harvest Brand Catalogue

Our Pipis Producers

Blue Harvest works with quality producers of pipis to deliver premium quality products to major Australian seafood retailers and wholesales.

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Supply Update – What’s Fresh?

PRAWNS xxx Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture are likely to finish harvesting the current crop of fresh Black Tiger Prawns in late xxx Seafarms and Tru Blu will commence harvesting Black Tiger Prawns in mid February. These will be mainly 21-30/lb grade at the beginning, with 16-20/lb and 10-15/lb available closer to Easter. xxx Continue below for oysters, shellfish and finfish...

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Supply Update – What’s Frozen?

PRAWNS XXX We have availability of frozen cooked Crystal Bay bananas (16-20/lb and 21-30/lb) XXX LOBSTER AND CRAB xxx Lobster Tails will begin arriving in the next two weeks and account managers will be in touch with you to run through your allocations and forecasts for the season. xxx King Crab is due to arrive at the end of this month and we have now got a firm understanding of what will be available. We can expect to start distributing product in the first week of November if there are no delays. XXX PIPIS XXX Goolwa PipiCo have the capacity to freeze pipis to order. Please contact us if you require stock. XXX FINFISH XXX 750g-1kg, belly flap-on, skin-on Round Island barramundi fillets are now available frozen via seafreight from Oceanpick, Sri Lanka xxx What's Fresh?

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