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Multiple Product Categories

Through the partnerships that we have developed with premium seafood producers, Blue Harvest can provide value driven market solutions for trade customers over a range of seafood categories including prawns, oysters, mussels, lobsters, crabs, pipis and finfish.

Order Forecasting

We focus on ensuring transparency and rapid communication between our producers and our customers on production availability and market demand. This means we can closely manage customer needs and expectations. By being able to consolidate large volume and accurately forecast these supply volumes, we are able to stabilise pricing which takes the volatility out of the way that seafood has traditionally been traded. We also now offer purchase agreements to enable customers to lock in supply ahead of time. In short – we make it easy for our trade customers to plan ahead and help take the uncertainty out of their seafood procurement.


Business Solutions

We work closely with our seafood trade customers to assist them with their business planning to help to drive an increase in sales or product value. By listening to our trade customers and understanding their business models we work towards finding strategic solutions whether in regard to quality improvements, new product development, new packaging methods or logistics.


Personal Service

Our experienced team on the ground in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane means that we are able to liaise with most of our major seafood corporate retail and wholesale customers in person and can provide customised sales and management of quality assurance issues support and respond rapidly to issues as they arise.

Sales Support

Our cloud based sales management system gives us instant access to sales data and order details so we can provide real time information or make rapid adjustments to orders where necessary. We can also assist with the development of point of sale or trade marketing material and our experienced business development managers are available to showcase products to your customers in person.


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Supply Update – What’s Frozen?

PRAWNS XXX We have availability of frozen cooked Crystal Bay bananas (16-20/lb and 21-30/lb) XXX LOBSTER AND CRAB xxx Lobster Tails will begin arriving in the next two weeks and account managers will be in touch with you to run through your allocations and forecasts for the season. xxx King Crab is due to arrive at the end of this month and we have now got a firm understanding of what will be available. We can expect to start distributing product in the first week of November if there are no delays. XXX PIPIS XXX Goolwa PipiCo have the capacity to freeze pipis to order. Please contact us if you require stock. XXX FINFISH XXX 750g-1kg, belly flap-on, skin-on Round Island barramundi fillets are now available frozen via seafreight from Oceanpick, Sri Lanka xxx What's Fresh?

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Supply Update – What’s Fresh?

PRAWNS xxx Crystal Bay Banana prawns have grown strongly over the past month and are now being harvested fresh twice a week. We expect them to be available for the next 4-6 weeks. xxx Crystal Bay Tiger prawns growth has been slower than expected, with fresh likely to commence in early-mid November. xxx Gold Coast Tiger Prawns from the Mossman farm also likely to commence fresh harvests in mid-November. Fresh pricing for the November and Christmas periods are now available from your Account Manager. xxx Continue below for oysters, shellfish and finfish...

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Supply Update – What’s Fresh?

PRAWNS XXX Seafarms have finished harvesting of the current crop of Crystal Bay tigers and Crystal Bay bananas. There are no fresh prawns available until the next crop of tigers are harvest ready towards the beginning of October. XXX We expect that fresh Crystal Bay tiger supply will continue through until late October, followed by harvesting of fresh Crystal Bay banana prawns through November before Crystal Bay tigers start again in late November through Christmas and New Year. xxxx Continue below for oysters, shellfish and finfish...

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