Blue Harvest

About Blue Harvest

Blue Harvest is an Australian specialist seafood sales and marketing agency. We work with the best domestic and international seafood producers to consolidate supply, sell and market premium quality seafood products to major Australian seafood retailers and wholesalers.

Our Mission

As a service provider, to create value for our producer clients and our trade customers.

Our Vision

To be the preferred supplier agent for producer clients and trade customers of premium, sustainably farmed seafood and for the Blue Harvest name to be synonymous with service excellence and integrity.

Our Philosophy

To build business relationships based on transparency, integrity and trust and to maintain an ethical and sustainable approach in all that we do.

Blue Harvest

What we do

The Blue Harvest mission is to help seafood producers to maximise economic return for their products. We do so through:

  •  A strong understanding of and extensive experience in seafood sales and marketing and the seafood supply chain
  •  Consolidation of supply across a range of seafood categories and being able to provide a consistent, one stop solution for our customers, thus giving leverage to our producer clients
  •  A team of highly experienced staff on the ground in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane and a broad customer base across all states and territories.
  •  A wide network of long established seafood supply chain relationships
  •  A focus on transparency and rapid communication of production availability and market demand between producers and customers
  •  The use of Salesforce; a customised, cloud-based sales and customer relationship management platform.

Our standards

Blue Harvest business operation standards include:

  •  Working with only the best quality seafood products
  •  Working with ethical and principled seafood producers
  •  Fully transparent communication between the producer and the market.
  •  Supporting sustainable seafood production
  •  Goal-oriented marketing strategies that continuously improve sales and relationships between producers and their customers.
  •  Integrity in all our business dealings
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Our system

Our seafood producer clients are supported by Salesforce; a customised cloud-based sales and customer relationship management platform to streamline communication and account data transfer. By using a cloud based system, we can access vital information rapidly and from any location. This innovative tool facilitates sales and product management, pricing, inventory, email and SMS communication, reporting, collateral storage, online solutions and conversation capabilities.

Each producer client is given a Salesforce portal to access their real time sales, marketing and reporting updates. This is a core component to what Blue Harvest does, because it allows for transparent and seamless communication despite varied industry schedules.

Our Clients

Blue Harvest is proud to work with some of Australia’s best seafood producers to deliver premium quality products to major Australian seafood retailers and wholesales. For more information on each of our clients please click on their logo below.

Our People

The Blue Harvest team comprises five people based in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Each Blue Harvest team member has core expertise in aquaculture and business development. In addition the team has diverse hands-on experience across areas of the supply chain such as seafood production, seafood processing, quality management, distribution, sales and marketing, seafood retail and food service.

Daniela Schwarz

Supply and National Wholesale Manager
0439 791 810

Daniela has a business administration and international trade background. Her seafood industry experience includes industry association project management, collaborative R&D with a focus on the Chinese market and postgraduate research into the Australian oyster industry.

Daniela coordinates Blue Harvest’s producer clients supply and is also responsible for national wholesale sales.

  • BSc. Business
  • Grad Dip. International Bus. Admin & Foreign Trade
  • Dip Economics & Business Admin

Sam Gordon

Executive Director, Canberra
0400 224 823

Sam has over 25 years’ experience working in the Australian seafood industry in collaboration with producers and markets.

Sam is responsible for business administration, systems and new business development.

  • App. Sc. – Aquaculture
  • Grad Dip Bus. Mgmt. (AGSM)
  • Churchill Fellow 1998

Scott Walter

Managing Director, Melbourne
0400 696 396

Scott has over 18 years experience in the Australian seafood industry, as a primary producer, processor, industry representative and sales and marketing.

Scott is responsible for the day to day operations of Blue Harvest.

  • App. Sci Aquaculture (Hons)
  • Grad Dip Agri-Bus.

Anni Conn

Business Manager
0409 232 960

Anni has over 20 years commercial experience in the Australian Seafood Industry, working in primary production, large-scale seafood processing, business management and workforce capacity building.

Anni is responsible for managing QA and sustainability matters and for providing client support to facilitate market access.

  • BSc. Applied Biological Sciences (Hons)
  • MSc. Aquaculture & Fisheries

Tom Moyle

Sales Account Manager
0419 416 839

Tom has over 10 years’ experience in the aquaculture industry, working with a broad range of species both in Australia and New Zealand.

Tom is responsible for nationwide sales in conjunction with Daniela Schwarz.

  • B. App. Sc. – Aquaculture
  • Master of Business Administration
  • NSILP Graduate 2018

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