Blue Harvest

Blue Harvest Returns Policy

At Blue Harvest we strive for the highest level of quality and accuracy in our deliveries. We understand that the products we sell must be of the highest quality as well as being delivered ‘right’ the first time.

Sometimes however, this does not happen.

In those few exceptional cases when we do not get it ‘right’ or if a product does not meet your expectations, we will gladly accept for return any product at the actual time of its delivery.

Should the product be accepted from our delivery, then the following will be applied: SEAFOOD

Any quality or delivery accuracy issues with fresh seafood must be communicated to Blue Harvest within 24 hours of receipt of the product. The product must then be returned to us as soon as possible. Any claims after 24 hours WILL NOT BE RECOGNISED OR ACCEPTED under any circumstances.

Frozen seafood will be accepted for return in its ORIGINAL FROZEN condition within 48 hours of delivery. Again, Blue Harvest must be advised within 48hrs of the original delivery stating the reason for return. The product MUST be kept frozen and in its original packaging in an undamaged condition to be accepted for return and credit.

In cases of quality claims for the Frozen Products, Blue Harvest must be advised within 48 hours of the delivery of the product for the quality claim to be honoured. The product should be RE-FROZEN as soon as possible within the original packaging for verification and batch tracing. Any claims after 48hrs WILL NOT BE RECONGNISED OR ACCEPTED under any circumstances.