Blue Harvest

Australian Coral Coast Mariculture

Australian Coral Coast Mariculture specialises in producing large size, high quality, frozen raw black tiger prawns. The company currently produces 120 tonnes of tiger prawns per annum for the Australian wholesale and retail markets.

ACCM Production Facility

ACCM prawns spend about 140 days reaching maturity in pristine saltwater with no chemical inputs. The coastal production site at Littabella sits on the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef in line with Lady Elliott Island. This is where the prawns are grown, harvested, graded, quick frozen and packaged for the Australian market.

Tiger Prawns Ready for the Barbecue

ACCM specialises in producing a large size, top quality, frozen raw black tiger prawn that are a favourite of the Australian wholesale and retail markets.


ACCM – Company and Products

ACCM’s Black Tiger prawns are grown in full-strength seawater, taken directly from the pristine waters of subtropical Hervey Bay. The farm is located forty minutes north of Bundaberg and the stable climate of this region gives a very consistent growing environment that is conducive to optimum prawn health and growth.

ACCM tiger prawns are grown in enclosed seawater production ponds and are fed only the highest quality feed. The prawns are harvested using fyke nets to prevent damage to the prawns and to ensure an even size grade. The nets are gently emptied into ice-cold high-salinity seawater which rapidly drops the prawns’ core temperature to below 5°C and quickly preserves prawn quality. These large, high quality tiger prawns are then kept chilled and then graded and quick frozen before being packed for the Australian wholesale and retail markets.