Blue Harvest

South Coast Mariculture

South Coast Mariculture grows blue mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis), one of the worlds most sustainable foods, in Jervis Bay, one of the worlds most spectacular marine parks.


Jervis Bay Mussels areĀ farmed in harmony with the marine environment and community in which they are produced. South Coast Mariculture has achieved global best practice Best Aquaculture Practice accreditation for environmental management, animal welfare, social responsibility and food safety.


The mussels are grown on longlines which suspend in the water column from a horizontal line supported by surface buoys. The mussels grow along this structure, and have minimal impact on the surrounding marine environment.


Requiring no additives or inputs, all that they need in order to grow is care and clean, nutrient-rich seas. Being so close to Sydney, South Coast Mariculture is proud to supply customers with mussels that are fat, fresh and affordable.



The Blue Revolution – South Coast Mariculture’s state of the art harvest vessel

Jervis Bay Marine Park, NSW

South Coast Mariculture