Blue Harvest

Mussels, Pipis and Oysters

Blue Harvest works with Australia’s premium producers, to provide customers with a full category solution for mussels, pipis and oysters.


Australian Jervis Bay Mussels are our best and most sustainable home grown Australian seafood. Delicious, nutritious, inexpensive and easy to cook. Big, fat and mouthwateringly good, once you have tried Jervis Bay Mussels you will be hooked!


Plump, sweet and nutty, Goolwa PipiCo Pipis are collected from the Coorong National Park. The sparkling clear waters and churning surf gives them their delicate flavour and delicious texture.

Pacific Oysters

From the pristine waters of South Australia, Tasmania and New South Wales comes the magnificent Pacific Oyster. Our select group of oyster farmers work tirelessly, carefully growing, grading and nurturing their stock to produce Australian Pacific Oysters that are truly world class.

Sydney Rock Oysters

From the warmer waters of New South Wales comes the jewel of the oyster world, the Sydney Rock Oyster. These iconic Australian oysters with a deep, smooth, rich flavour are world famous and prized by oyster lovers around Australia and beyond. Our proud group of Sydney Rock Oyster growers work day and night to produce these beautiful oysters to the highest standard.





To download the Blue Harvest Rock Oyster Grade and Condition Standard please click the link below:

Download Blue Harvest Grading and Condition Standard

It is a common misconception that Pacific Oysters are much larger in size than Sydney Rock Oysters. It is true that Pacific Oysters grow faster and can reach impressive sizes such as Grande (400g+), however when comparing the standard size grades of Pacific and Sydney Rock Oysters, the size difference is actually quite minimal. The downloadable chart below shows the average sizes within the standard size grades for both species and shows that Sydney Rock Oysters really do measure up where it counts.

Download Blue Harvest Sydney Rock vs Pacific Oyster Grade Sizing