Blue Harvest

Supply Update – What’s Frozen?

Seafarms currently have strong availability of 21-30/lb and 31-40/lb frozen Crystal Bay Banana Prawns, as well as frozen 31-40/lb and 41-60/lb Crystal Bay Tiger Prawns.
We are aiming to begin frozen production of Tiger Prawns in March.
Continue below for Lobster and Crab, Shellfish and Finfish…


Lobster Tails supply is still strong across all grades between 5 and 12 oz. These beautiful Brazilian tails are the perfect solution for a summer BBQ and seafood platters or for a more upscale dining experience.

The final containers of King Crab from the 2017 season have now cleared and stock is moving out. We still have a small volume of raw clusters available in the 6/800g and 8/1000g grade. Next batches of King Crab will be coming from the upcoming fishing season and will be available towards November 2018.


High quality, completely natural frozen half shell QLD Saucer Scallops are available in the following grades – 21-30 (Large), 31-40 (Medium) and 41-60 (Small).

The scallops are layered in the cartons by the dozen (either 8 or 10 doz per carton depending on scallop size), interleaved with plastic for easy removal.

We are processing weekly, and have consistent supply of all grades available.

Goolwa PipiCo have the capacity to freeze pipis to order. Please contact us if you require stock.


Round Island Sri Lankan frozen Barramundi fillets available now for release. These fillets are the perfect solution if customers cannot handle fresh product. Fantastic quality and conveniently packaged fillets range between 750g-1000g.

What’s Fresh?