Blue Harvest

Supply Update – What’s Fresh?

New season mussels have started in South Australia. The mussels at this time of the year have a smaller and cleaner shell, and plump sweet meat. Supply is abundant. This is the best time to jump on board with either Boston Bay or Spencer Gulf mussels. Continued below…


Seafarms are currently harvesting fresh tiger prawns, with supply to continue until the end of June. Crystal Bay banana prawn supply will begin next week – but will be mainly smaller size prawns until July when a regular supply of 16-20/lb and larger will also be available. Crystal Bay supply will continue through to October.

The new season begins for Goolwa PipiCo on the 1st July, and supply is strong. However wild winter weather can interrupt supply at times, as the beaches become inaccessible. We will be quick to communicate any issues, if and when they arise.

This year’s Champion award winning aquaculture fish at the Sydney Royal Show, QLD Giant Grouper 3kg plus size supply is on the rise. These make an excellent fillet and cutlet fish, and are featured on menus at many top restaurants, including as a VIP dish at the recent Noma pop up restaurant in Sydney. Supply of the smaller fish (less than 2kg) will be limited until the end of August.

Zippel’s Smoky Bay Oysters from South Australia are in strong supply, with size and condition improving as the year goes on.

The Clyde River, NSW, is closed until the end of June due to the wild weather experienced on the NSW South Coast throughout the month.