Blue Harvest

Supply Update – What’s Fresh?

This year’s tiger prawn stockings at GCMA and Seafarms have been significantly more successful than last year, and we are hopeful this will translate into improved crops for the 2016/17 summer period. Continued below…

There is still a long way to go before harvest, and it is too early to call what this season will come to, but early signs are definitely more positive and harvests are likely to start in early November.

Seafarms are currently harvesting fresh Crystal Bay banana prawns, and will continue into October. There is availability of 21-30/lb, 16-20/lb and as we progress 10-15/lbs.

Supply of South Australia’s Boston Bay and Spencer Gulf mussels is strong and now boasts an even greater selection of lease areas to harvest premium quality mussels in the highest state of condition. The Boston Bay brand has recently undergone a re-fresh – so watch this space.

Goolwa PipiCo are back in full harvest after a challenging winter. Fresh and frozen products are available, and there is room to grow sales.

Tropical Finfish QLD Giant Grouper supply in the 600g to 1kg range is expected to grow in late October and to continue to climb through Nov/Dec before reaching a new, sustainable peak level in January. 3kg plus size fish are forecast through to December, and will then be out of the market until approximately April. We are introducing Baby Gold Spotted Rock Cod, in sizes 400g to 1kg to the market in late October.

Bidgee Fresh Murray Cod, featured recently on ABC’s Landline program, from Griffith NSW, is fully allocated, and looking to increase supply volumes later in the year.

Zippel’s Smoky Bay Oysters from South Australia and Ironstone Oysters from Tasmania are both in excellent condition, but unfortunately they are in full supply and unable to take on new customers.

Rock Oyster production is due to improve from the 10th October with several farms expecting to come into good condition. Sizes available will be predominantly medium and large single seed, with smaller volumes of small and cocktail also available.

The Clyde River Pacific Oyster farmers have recently introduced a new grade, XXL, to better differentiate the XL and Jumbo size. Supply of XXL and Jumbo is currently strong, with limited supply of smaller sizes.